Why Living In Florida Is The Best?

Is living in Florida worth it?

Florida has a lot to offer—the warm climate, natural beauty, theme parks, resorts, and no state income tax.

Orlando, where I live, is an up and coming cosmopolitan region—it has good colleges, a thriving arts community, great museums, and fine restaurants.

That’s why so many people want to live in Florida..

What makes Florida so special?

Florida is the boating and fishing capital of the world. It has more than 7,700 lakes, 11,000 miles of rivers, 2,276 miles of tidal shoreline, and has produced more than 900 world fishing records, more than any other state, or country. Florida has more than 700 freshwater springs.

Is it a good idea to move to Florida?

Below are some of the reasons why it’s great to move to Florida. This state has no income tax, which is very attractive, especially for retirees. The cost of housing in Florida is much lower compared to the rest of the country. The cost of living in Florida is lower compared to other states on the East Coast.

What’s bad about living in Florida?

Florida is known for its natural disasters, like hurricanes and sinkholes. Hurricanes can be deadly, and repairing storm damage done to a home or business could cost a lot. Hurricanes can knock out electrical grids in neighborhoods.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Florida?

Typical Expenses1 ADULT2 ADULTS (BOTH WORKING)0 Children2 ChildrenRequired annual income after taxes$22,611$58,913Annual taxes$3,154$8,218Required annual income before taxes$25,765$67,1316 more rows

Why are people leaving Florida?

Among other reasons why people leave Florida are: Strong winds, storms, and hurricanes. They are seriously a big issue for people living in Florida. And, they cause a lot of property damage during the hurricane season.

Is Florida the worst state?

WalletHub ranked Florida 48th in a list of the “safest states in America.” We get it. Florida is 2019’s third-least safe state in the U.S., according to a new ranking by WalletHub. Only Louisiana and Mississippi were ranked as being more dangerous.

What are the advantages of living in Florida?

Pros:There’s warm weather to enjoy all-year-round!You can spend lots of time at the beach.There are plenty of golf courses to enjoy.There are so many theme parks, from Busch Gardens to Universal Studios to Disney World.There’s no state income tax, which means more money left over for me.More items…•

Why are houses in Florida so cheap?

Florida has a lot of land, has low wages, and maintains a lower cost of living than in other places but from a local perspective, home prices are very high and the property taxes reflect this.