What Does NC Mean In Medical Terms?

What does NC at mean in medical terms?


“NC/AT” or “Normocephalic, atraumatic” Eyes.


“EOM intact, PERRLA, anicteric, no injection, fundus WNL (within normal limits), no papilledema”.

What does NC mean in nursing?

AcronymDefinitionNCNo ClassNCNurse CallNCNot CarriedNCNormal Control152 more rows

What does CDI mean in medical terms?

Clinical Documentation ImprovementCDI (Clinical Documentation Improvement) has been described as the process of improving healthcare records to ensure improved patient outcomes, data quality, and accurate reimbursement. Hospitals began CDI programs as a response to the advent of DRGs (Diagnosis Related Groups) as a form of reimbursement.

How do I transfer my nursing license to North Carolina?

You will need the following to apply:Name, location and year of graduation of your basic school of nursing.State, year and license number of original license by examination.State of current license and license number.Dates of employment and position(s) held for last two (2) nursing employers.More items…

What does a CDI do?

A CDI or capacitor discharge ignition that is found on most bikes is linked to the ignition where it mainly stores the electrical charge. It is responsible for increasing the spark’s power in the spark plug. CDI box can be found only on vehicles that are based on the gasoline engine.

What does nt nd stand for in medical terms?

Acronym. Definition. NTND. Non-Tender, Non-Distended (abdominal exam findings)

What does NC mean in state?

North CarolinaNorth Carolina, a U.S. state by postal abbreviation.

What does C D I mean?

C/D/IAcronymDefinitionC/D/IClean/Dry/Intact (incision site)

What is a CDI query?

What are CDI queries? Clinical documentation specialists (CDS) send CDI queries to: Clarify diagnoses. Clarify ambiguous/conflicting documentation. … Document a diagnoses based on clinical indicators.

What does NC mean in science?

What does NC stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningNCNuclear ChemistryNCNumerically ControlledNCNurse CallNCNormal Control43 more rows

What is full form NC?

Ans : Non cognizable offence means in which a police officer has no authority to arrest without warrant. 6) How do I lodge a NC complaint ? Ans : Information about such offences is to be given in a similar manner as explained under F.I.R..

What does NC stand for in food?

NC – Nutrition Consultant (aka Nutritional Consultant) | AcronymFinder.

What does N C stand for?

n/c ​Definitions and Synonyms ​abbreviation​business. DEFINITIONS1. 1. no charge: used for showing that a customer does not have to pay anything for a particular service.

Does NC mean nice?

So now you know – NC means “No Comment” or “No Choice” – don’t thank us. YW!…The Meaning of NC.Other terms relating to ‘comment’:Other terms relating to ‘choice’:· CHOICENice, great· DOCDoctor Drug of Choice21 more rows

What is NC in slang?

NC means “No Comment”.