Quick Answer: What Does Visting Mean?

What type of word is visiting?

visiting (adjective) visiting card (noun).

What is another word for visit?

What is another word for visit?exploretourspend time instop over invisit withsightseego aroundtravel aroundstaystay at14 more rows

Had a visit Meaning?

noun. English Language Learners Definition of visit (Entry 2 of 2) : an occasion when someone goes to a place to see and talk to someone for usually a brief time. : an occasion when someone goes to a place for pleasure, as part of a job, to do something, etc. : an occasion when you are staying in a hotel, motel, etc.

What does befall mean?

intransitive verb. : to happen especially as if by fate. transitive verb. : to happen to the fate that befell them.

What does like mean?

1a : to feel attraction toward or take pleasure in : enjoy likes baseball. b : to feel toward : regard how would you like a change. 2 : to wish to have : want would like a drink. 3 : to do well in this plant likes dry soil my car does not like cold weather.

What is the word were?

Meaning – Were is the past tense of the verb are. … Since were means the same as the past tense of are in this sentence, it is the correct word to use. SUGGESTION: To test whether were is the correct word to use in a sentence, see if you can use are in its place, putting the sentence into the present tense.

What is a limpid?

1a : marked by transparency (see transparent sense 1) : pellucid limpid streams. b : clear and simple in style limpid prose. 2 : absolutely serene and untroubled the benign effects of a limpid childhood — Time.

What is meant by Worth?

The noun worth refers to the monetary value of something. If your grandmother gives you a strange old coin from her collection, you can have it appraised to determine its worth. The noun worth also means the inherent value of something based on the qualities of excellence, usefulness or importance.

What does it mean to be worth something?

When you value something, you consider it important and worthwhile. As a verb, it means “holding something in high regard,” (like “I value our friendship”) but it can also mean “determine how much something is worth,” like a prize valued at $200. …

What is a synonym for beautiful?


What’s the opposite of visit?

What is the opposite of visit?forgodismisssnubmissignoreavoidshunevadeeschewelude10 more rows

What does worth visiting mean?

Use It is worth visiting that place when you wish to recommend it to someone else who may visit there in the future, not as an evaluation of your past visit.

What is mean by worth it?

enjoyable or useful despite the fact that you have to make an effort: It was a long climb to the top of the hill, but the view from the top was worth it.

What does Visiting mean?

verb (used with object) to come or go to: to visit a church for prayer. to go to for the purpose of official inspection or examination: a general visiting his troops. to come to in order to comfort or aid: to visit the sick. to come upon; assail; afflict: The plague visited London in 1665.

What does enjoyed mean?

To receive pleasure or satisfaction from. 2. To have the use or benefit of: enjoys good health. … To have a pleasurable or satisfactory time.