Quick Answer: What Does CR Mean After Jail?

What happens when you get in trouble on probation?

If you’re found guilty of a probation violation, sentencing will occur shortly after the hearing, at which time the court may extend your probation, impose additional probation terms, order you serve a brief time in jail, or revoke your probation altogether and require you to serve out any remaining time of your ….

What does AR status mean in jail?

AR might mean “accounts receivable.” A fee imposed to set up an account for you. What difference does it make anyway? You have to pay the total amount owed. SAN DIEGO CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY–20 years experience.

What does CR mean in police terms?

Chronological RecordPolice & FBI Acronyms187California Penal Code for MurderCRChronological RecordCRACommunity Redevelopment AgencyCRASHCommunity Resources Against Street HoodlumsCRTCrime Response Team113 more rows

What does W M mean in court?


carbon copyCC is carbon copy. DAJ is District Associate Judge. DO NOT message me asking follow ups to your question! That’s what the forum “comment” feature is for. I am not your attorney here, and I cannot give you legal advice…

What does CR means in bank account?

The “CR” next to a monetary amount on a bank or credit card statement represents a credit made to the account. A credit is when money is added to the account.

What does CR number mean?

A CR Number, a 10-digit Customs Registration Number is required for import product into China. A CR Number is not required for goods/equipment/products shipping. This regulation has been in a trial period since July 2010.

Whats is CR?

CR means “Credit”.

What does CR date mean?

Change RequestDefinitions for Change Request (CR) Effective Date and Implementation Date. … The effective date identified in a change request (CR) is the date on which any new rules, law, processes and/or policies become active. Effective dates are not always future dates; sometimes the dates are in the past.

What does felony CR mean in Nevada?

A category C felony is a felony for which a court shall sentence a convicted person to imprisonment in the state prison for a minimum term of not less than 1 year and a maximum term of not more than 5 years.

What does CR mean on a criminal record?

case numberCR in a case number means it is a criminal case.

What does W M mean?

Weight or Measurement(W/M) Abbreviation for “Weight or Measurement;” the basis for assessing freight charges.

What does CR mean as a grade?

CreditCredit (CR) Grade A ‘CR’ grade means you earn credit for the class, but it will not affect your GPA.

What does CR mean in probation?

Confinement in Response to Violations (CRV) and Limits on Probation Revocation AuthorityNorth Carolina Criminal Law.

What does SBI stand for in jail?

State bureau of investigationFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A state bureau of investigation (SBI) is a state-level detective agency in the United States.