Quick Answer: Is 5 Year Electrical Test A Legal Requirement?

Is an electrical installation certificate the same as an EICR?

In a nutshell, the terms period inspection and fixed wire testing have now been replaced by the new term Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), although essentially, they all mean the same thing..

How often is fixed electrical testing required?

How often your premises require inspection depends on the environment your electrical installations are in. If you have industrial premises, then the maximum time between inspection is 3 years. If you have a shop, retail outlet or a commercial office the maximum time is 5 years.

What is a 5 year electrical test?

The 5 year electrical testing rule applies to commercial, office, retail and educational properties. … Following testing, you will be issued an EICR, certifying the condition of the entire electrical system within your premises, including electrical wiring, circuits, accessories and connections.

Who is responsible for fixed wire testing?

Although the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 requires that the electrical equipment is safe at the start of every tenancy and maintained in a safe condition throughout the tenancy, this does not necessarily make the landlord responsible for fixed wire testing.

What is a fixed electrical test?

Fixed Testing involves testing the electrical installations and systems that conduct electricity around the building. It covers all of the electrical wiring in a building and includes main panels, distribution boards, lighting, socket outlets, air conditioning and other fixed plant.

What certificates do I need for electrical work?

Electrical Installation Certificates (EICs) and Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificates (MEIWCs) provide you, as the person responsible for the safety of an electrical installation, with a declaration that the new installation, or alteration or addition, is safe to use at the time it was put into service.

It is not currently a legal requirement to provide the tenant with an electrical inspection report, although it is good practice to do so and it helps to show that the electrical installation is safe.

How long is an electrical test certificate valid for?

5 yearsHow long is the certificate valid for? Typically the certificates are valid for a maximum of 5 years or at the change of occupancy. However it is up to the tester to specify an amount of time based on the test results, experience and judgement.

How much does a landlord electrical certificate cost?

Electrical certificate will start at £120 for a 1 bedroom flat while PAT testing starts at £60 and will include up to 10 appliances .

Can any electrician do an EICR?

Only registered electricians should carry out an EICR.